Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snark, the Universal Seasoning.

The bigger you are, the larger target you present, so when you have your own magazine and morning talk show, you are a damned-large target. Really, Rachel Ray ought to know better than to post something like this as a recipe on the Food Network site:

The comments people are posting in response to Late Night Bacon are hilarious. They're as funny as those found in response to the Three Wolves shirt at Amazon.

"Wow! Thank god for this recipe! I had to use toilet paper because I was out of paper towels. Luckily, I use Charmin, so there were no little toilet paper bits left behind, just like the little red bears in the commercial. Well, maybe one or two little bits, but they just added to complexity of this amazing dish. Everyone who logs onto is looking for a great recipe like this. In the words of the master herself, it was "Deelish"."

or this one:

"An unabashedly modern twist on a seemingly-unimprovable classic! I like to substitute a country-themed tea towel for the paper on special occasions. I've found it even works at 10:00 am, in case you're considering adding "Late Night Bacon" to your next book club brunch menu. When I unwrap and reveal sur la table, everyone asks "How do you do it???" Only Rachel and I know for sure ;-"

and my favorite:

"This recipe saved my marriage."


  1. Hilarious! Proves she really doesn't know how to cook!

  2. I had always thought that I was the only one who didn't get her appeal. It seems that I am not alone.

    Not to begrudge her her success, she's obviously quite business-savvy to get so far. But a recipe for microwaving bacon? C'mon!


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