Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vegan Again

Hi everyone, I wish I could explain away my lapse in blogging with tales of fantastic vacations and a whirlwind culinary tour of Europe.

As if. HA!


It's been an eventful, though pedestrian, summer of stressing over my joblessness, shepherding the kids to swimming lessons and, most fun of all, dealing with the pouty-faced aftermath of my older daughter breaking her leg while playing soccer. Oh yes, that's been fun. *deep sigh*

In food news, I hit rock bottom last week.

Oh yes. I was in the dressing room at J.C. Penney's, shopping for an outfit for an upcoming job interview and I nearly had a stroke when I saw the size label on the pants which I barely managed to squeeze over my ass. Now, I am certainly not the first woman to hit rock bottom in a department store fitting room, and will probably not be the last, but BY GOD, I swore to myself, Rock Bottom would never again be associated with a pair of pants from the "Women's" department.

So here I am, once again, cutting out animal products and trying to do some sort of carb-conscious vegan diet. I may be crazy, but I sure am motivated! Fret not, I do also plan to toss in some sport of exercise routine once on a while.

The first thing I did was to reawaken my vegan blog from last year only to find that in my absence, the list of people following it has grown! I thought that was amusing and wondered what sort of hidden message there might be in that.


Anyway, please come join me there. I'll be putting up vegetarian and vegan dishes and certainly the recipes for any breads I bake, because carb-adoration is a way of life around here and definitely one of my biggest failings.

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