Saturday, May 12, 2012

Low-Carb Round-Up Week 1

Well, with Week One of my low-carb regimen down, I thought  it'd be nice to give the report on how I managed it happily and without excessive cravings. I had a wide variety of delicious and satisfying dishes, and honestly did not feel as though I was denying myself.

Remember: Low-carbing it does not have to suck!

Here are a few of my favorites from this week:

Lasagna with Zucchini Noodles

This low-carb lasagna uses thin slices of zucchini in place of carboriffic pasta noodles.

Breaded Hake Fillet

I made a rich sauce of an oven-roasted red bell pepper, some sweet Italian sausage, vidalia onion and a marinara sauce made from canned whole San Marzano tomatoes.

The breading on this hake fillet is made of almond meal and grated parmesan from a can, plus spices. It provided the same texture as seasoned soft breadcrumbs, only without the carbs.

Baked in the oven with a spritz of olive oil, this fish still came out moist and tender and with a fraction of the calories it would have had if it had been pan-fried.

Faux-tato Salad

There is no need to gaze longingly at others' potato salad when you can fix yourself this tasty and homey salad made from, wait for it.... butter beans. It's utterly shocking, but these beans provide a texture which is eerily similar to boiled waxy potatoes, perfect for a nice summer potato salad.

Season as you do your regular potato salad, and you don't have to feel as though you're wanting anything just because you're watching your carbs.
Garlicky Mashed Cauliflower with Cheddar and Dill

Another satisfying stand-in for the ubiquitous potato is this pile of garlicky mashed cauliflower augmented with cheddar, crème fraîche and lots of fresh chopped dill.

This side dish rounds out any meal and is a great choice for the whole family, whether everyone is low-carbing it or not.

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