Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fun With Food

The Easter Bunny came a day early to my house since I won't have my kids on Easter morning. The Easter Bunny is accommodating that way. Anyway, I the Easter Bunny recalled that the kids had been screaming for Peeps, so I, that is, the Easter Bunny got some purple and yellow Peeps.

So today, I suggested PeepS'Mores.

Yum. Even  I  had one.


Here's how you do it:

Catch a Peep and skewer it. Assemble your chocolate and graham crackers and get a reliable source of flame. I used my new little blowtorch until I ran out of butane.


So then I just used one of the gas burners on the stove and prayed that I wouldn't have a melted mess of blackened marshmallow to clean off. 

It worked great.


Torch the Peep. He may catch fire.

That's ok. Blow out the flames.

Smush the Peep down

Make sure he's melting and oozing and then eat it.

 Kid #2's PeepS'More, chomped.

Another view of melting marshmallow:


  1. It was fun! When my Peep caught fire - as a good marshmallow product SHOULD - my older daughter was saying, "OMG let's throw some baking soda on it! Ahhhhh!"

    I laughed at her and just blew out the flames. :)


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