Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pizza Addiction

When push comes to shove, pizza is my favorite food. It is simply the perfect fusion of cheese, bread and everything else you could possibly imagine, even fruit (Hello, Hawai'ian pizza!). Sometimes I feel as though I need to go to a Pizza Whores Anonymous meeting just to unburden myself of this knowledge. Instead, I'll blog about it. :)

Today is a Just Me Day, the kids are at their dad's and I could make myself anything I wanted: risotto, vegetable biryani, pad thai, any one of the countless dishes my kids would not eat if I paid them $20 per bite. But no. Today, I have decreed that it is Pizza, Beer and Chocolate Day.

The chocolate: Lindt & Ghirardelli

The Summer Ale is crisp and refreshing.

Here is the Amber Wheat beer.

Mmmm, frosty.

I had to crop out the hairbrush on the table next to this beer. See?

Now THAT'S "Keeping it real," just like some other mom-blogger out there.

The pizza: my favorite sun-dried tomato, kalamata olive & artichoke pizza topped with feta, mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, aged asiago and provolone.

Look at the sun dried tomato and the artichoke, crisping up on the edges. See the shapes of the feta chunks pushing up the blanket of melted, browned cheese.

Seriously, YUM.

I don't have an adorable, weepy-eyed bassett hound like some other people, but I do have an obnoxious, evil-eyed orange tabby.

Just "Keepin' it Real, folks."


  1. Holy deliciousness. I want to come eat with you!! You have so many tempting creations on this blog that I can not wait to try :)

  2. :) Glad you enjoy them!

    What can I say? I like food. lol

  3. Thanks! We eat a lot of pizza here. :)


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